TSG strives for balance in our projects, in our relationships with our clients, and in our personal lives. We strive for equitable and meaningful partnerships and we believe our projects make the world a better and more fun place. Our philosophy is to deliver the best outcome, whether brokerage or development, in the most responsible way; responsible to our clients and earth, and representative of our best abilities. We have stayed a small company when it was unfashionable to be so, all to encourage total quality control and ensure we do the best job possible for our clients and ourselves.


Not just a buzzword, sustainability is at the core of our company philosophy. We have remediated asbestos, raised gas tanks, planted trees, sold locally grown food, and built LEED-certified homes.   We help our clients evaluate projects not just in terms of profit but value to the earth.  We are constantly searching for new projects.    Have one in mind?   Seem complicated, contaminated and confusing?   Call us.