Located in Davidson, North Carolina, The Stewart Group has thirty years’ experience serving Davidson, Lake Norman and Charlotte.

Property Management:

TSG grew out of a property management company and, at the end of the day, property management and tenant relationships drive our business. We can’t develop new product unless we understand what tenants want and how buildings function and we can’t sell or lease product unless it’s well maintained and shows well. We have a constant presence on our managed properties and treat them as though they were part of our own portfolios. We can manage them with as much or as little input from the property owners as is appropriate and are set up to handle rental collection, repairs, maintenance and monthly reporting. We have a well established network of service providers that understand commercial properties and respond quickly and professionally.

Leasing and Sales:

Partners Fallon, Orlando, and Stewart have represented all sizes and shapes of companies. Brokerage is the heart of our business. Whether leasing, buying, or selling, we represent your interests. We focus on Davidson and the Lake Norman market–and have for years. TSG lives here, works here, and plays here, and we like it here. Where else would you want to be?


Why do we describe our business as “Investment Real Estate?” Simply put, your property, your business, and your choices are investments and we treat them as such. Whether we represent our own property portfolio or yours, every effort is made to maximize profitability and minimize risk. We know how to raise money for viable projects and we believe in total transparency.

We’ve raised more than $10mm in debt and equity over the last 3 years and have put the money to use in medium to long term real estate investments that have provided steady returns for investor portfolios. As an alternative to the fee-heavy, transaction-driven REITs, we see our projects and properties every day, communicate with the tenants and make sure the investment is well-maintained. We consider locations and markets carefully and fully vet potential purchases in order to make a well-informed, conservative decision. Call us and we can talk about your goals and how a TSG real estate investment might complement your portfolio.


Infill and Adaptive Reuse: As our communities recognize that the expense of servicing greenfield developments and creating new suburbs is unsustainable from both an economic and environmental perspective existing communities will turn inward to their existing stock of un- or under- utilized buildings and look for redevelopment or adaptive re-use opportunities. With the local rail picture becoming clearer and properties abandoned in favor of more autocentic locations reemerging as prime locations for retail and office users, many sites are in need of infrastructure and other improvements to make them viable again. TSG specializes in these projects from contaminated brownfield sites to abandoned or under-utilized buildings. Let us help you negotiate the entitlements, financing, and design and help turn your vision into an investment which stand the test of time.

Residential: We have completed successful residential developments in the mountains of North Carolina, and in the heart of our home town, Davidson. Our projects focus on sustainability and include LEED Gold Certified homes, asbestos remediation, tree houses, and infill lots. We have a penchant for the creative. Think your idea is strange? Try us. We manage from purchase to completion on our projects and yours.